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Robert Nelson

Buckinghamshire & Bedfordshire | United Kingdom

Crazy and in love... with my camera(s)! :-) OK, so I am Robert, a wedding photographer based in Buckinghamshire, UK. I'm deeply passionate about capturing images of people being people. As much as I like taking creative and beautiful portraits of couples in the wedding setting, I don't think that you can beat a real image of the couple being themselves.

I find that the best images are taken when the subject doesn't even know it's being captured, that's because it's natural and honest. No fake smiles or poses.

In all honesty, I don't consider myself as a 100% documentary wedding photographer, the wedding day generally has a similar flow with a bunch shots that I feel couples need to see as a way of reliving the day from my perspective, I document the moment but these are not strictly documentary because I know they will happen and I plan for them. I don't always hide in the shadows being as discreet as possible, I open myself up and get in the action but not intrusively, I find my "no-barriers" approach helps couples to be themselves which in turn gets better images, anyway, how can you create intimate images that are in the moment without being in the moment!

I capture bridal portraits because these are for the bride and groom, they often like to have a couple of these more creative or intimate images in the gallery. What couple doesn't want a nice image of themselves together, after all, being together is why they are getting married!

I capture important family members together because sometimes families don't get to see each other for months or even years, and when time sadly passes these "group shots" become even more important.

And in between all the "planned for shots" is my documentary side, where I am constantly looking for moments, tears, smiles, love, laughter and drunkenness. These are the ones couples reminisce about at gatherings with family and friends, new and old over and over again.

So, what kind of photographer am I? I feel that I sit somewhere in the middle, a creative portrait maker might be a better description! It doesn't sound as posh as documentary or even reportage but that's me! :-)

Anyway, enough of my waffle, nice to meet you and if you like what you see or read then please get in touch.

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