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Raquel Barroso Costa


About Raquel Barroso

I'm Raquel and I was born in 1986 in the city of Porto. I graduated in Art and it was during my degree that I took the Professional Photography course, in 2011.
I have been working in photography since 2012. I went through photojournalism but it was family and event photography that captivated me and gave rise, in 2018, to Caixa de Histórias.
Being able to register, keep and remember a moment, an emotion, is a privilege.
I like the ability that photography has to show not only what happens in front of the camera but also reveal a lot of the "heart" of those who hold it.
As a mother I have understood better the importance of photography as a document, as a legacy, as an important piece of family history and as one of the most beautiful memories we can keep.

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