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Melissa Suneson


Ahhh Weddings!... A day in the life of a group of people that can be filled with all kinds of emotions. I personally love those days where I can see and feel the love not only between the bride and groom but also their family members and friends. I am there to capture all that happens but capturing emotional moments that will stay in an image for people to see and hopefully feel touched again when they look to the past, makes my day.

Weddings with unstaged or directed moments, where there are low expectations and people just are themselves are the weddings I enjoy the most as what is real is what people will remember and feel touched with in their images.

Based in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico; I work together with my husband at every wedding. We both have the same approach, but with two sets of eyes and two minds we are able to see and create differently in the same situation which we feel compliments our final work we deliver to our couples.

If my images connect with you, get it touch through our website and hopefully we can be of service and document your wedding celebration!

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