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Lonav Bharali


Meet Lonav. A psychology major turned wedding photographer, hailing from the beautiful state of Assam. He prides himself on applying his experiences, interest, and his eye for seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary to make pictures come alive. He takes a photojournalistic approach to capture the essence of the moment. And each of his photos has a story to tell. Why weddings?

"The world of weddings is filled with indefinite and incredible layers, giving us, the photographers ample opportunities to weave out a magical story.”

Creating with humble intensions and capturing the gravity of emotions with vehemence, Lonav is a visual storyteller of weddings, landscapes, and the streets. Apart from being our resident photojournalist, Lonav is our original Muse, our forever subject for checking lights and frames! His simple, silent, and surreal personality matches his style of photography that is not loud, but has a lot to say.

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