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Liza OMalley

Sussex & London | United Kingdom

Hi lovelies! I’m based in the quirky, alternative city of Brighton on the Sunny South Coast and I absolutely love my job as a documentary wedding photographer. I’ve been photographing weddings for over five years now. I am an adventure-loving, people-loving, person. I’m mad for; road trips in a camper, long dog walks, cosy pubs, crazy nights out and singing in my choir! I get a real kick out of connecting with my lovely couples. What I mean by documentary style is that I take photos of the moments of your day. The fun moments, the cutesy incidental moments, the emotional moments, the nervous moments, the crazy party moments, the candid moments - all of these moments add up to telling the whole story of your wedding day. From beginning to end. So the images you get will be very natural, real, authentic, fun images and with maybe even a few tears! I'm all for genuine laughs, toothy grins, side glances and generally just stuff as it is when it happens. To do this I am very unobtrusive, you will hardly notice me. (This is the fly on the wall bit). I give little or no direction or instructions. What about the portraits?…Of course we will get some gorgeous portraits of you both (hopefully in a lovely, natural setting) but we will take them in a fun, unposed very natural kind of way. I do aim to use my creative skills to the max in taking these, always looking for the right light and interesting compositions.
Well, that’s a bit about me…. Now it’s your turn! I‘m guessing you guys are an adventurous, fun-loving couple? You don’t mind taking a few risks and you are all about spontaneity and authenticity? Maybe you love this big, beautiful world as much as I do but you are still horrified what we are all doing to our planet? If you like the look of my images and you think we might be a good fit, please give me a bell or drop me an email and firstly see if I am available on your wedding date. Then let's have a chat over coffee, pint or wine and talk about your wedding. (We can also Zoom). I will also show you some more samples of my work and some stunning wedding albums from real clients.
So that’s about it. That’s me and what I do. I’d love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have.

Have awesome fun planning your wedding!

Liza xx

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