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Lili Castillo Valdivia


Since I was in high school I already wanted to be a photographer, it was always my dream, I didn't see myself doing anything else, so I studied and practiced a lot and about 16 years ago, while I was studying a master's degree in Concept and Creation Photography in Madrid, I started working doing weddings without knowing that they would trap me forever. A year later I returned to Mexico and I decided to be a wedding photographer in my country. And here I am fulfilling my dream.

My purpose is that people can return again and again to the moments that made them the happiest.

When I am at weddings I love to connect in silence, feeling in the middle of what you see, what you feel and what you live. There are so many things that happen in one day and I want to document it and treasure it forever.

Every wedding is a new adventure :)

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