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Lapela Photography


Lapela is born out of the friendship of two wandering and work companions, André and Miguel. At first we never thought of photographing weddings because we feared the overlapping of responsibility with the trial and error pleasure of photographing freely, but as with everything worthwhile, fondness and the enjoyment occurred inadvertently out of a challenge taunted to us by friends. We never stopped since. Moved by desire and encouraged by all, we felt that something bigger was stirring, something which was necessary for us to grasp. Today we remain with the same resolve to discreetly insinuate ourselves into human intimacy and catch the fire of your interactions. We want you to look at an image taken by us and to re-live the rapture of that moment, to let it make your heart miss a beat, to let time halt for a second, to break melancholy and let it paint the magnificence that lies in human relationships.

One is obsessed with symmetry, the composition, the play of colors and lights that make up the code of reality in which the human element is included. The other is the pure emotion, the eye of the unspoken detail found amidst chaos and the unforeseen of what happens in the instantaneous small human theater. We edit together, as if we were a single retina, and in the end it is difficult to tell who photographed what. In our complementarity, our strength.

Lapela is a form of consented voyeurism of what goes on in your innards. Of what unites you. Of what moves you. It is the decantation of your consummate and gnawing sensations translated into photography.


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