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Joshua Anstey

Suffolk & Norfolk | United Kingdom

Hello there.

I am the very definition of introverted, and with photography as a hobby that naturally drifted a bit into me leaning towards a more documentary style. I live somewhat vicariously through my camera, notice things that others don't.

I also honestly can't put into words how much I hate having my photo taken. I think a lot more people do than us photographers truly realise tbh. My wedding was flipping amazing (humble) but one bit that I really hated was hiring a photographer to follow me around taking pictures all day. Our photographer was wonderful, and is probably one of the loveliest humans I've ever met, but honestly I really wanted the photos without the hassle of ever having known they were being taken.

Fast forward almost a decade and I found myself at home photographing weddings. I've built my business specifically for people like me who can't think of anything worse than being dragged away to pose for hours and who when faced with a camera assume a Chandler Bing style grimace. I've had a number of couples, guests and even venues tell me they weren't even aware I was there a lot of the time which I consider to be the very highest of praise.

The great thing about photographing weddings is that the opportunities to make intimate candid photos that people love are everywhere and the challenge to do something original and creative is constantly evolving. They're also hands down one of the happiest places in the world to be. I come home after every single one physically and mentally exhausted (and thoroughly dehydrated) but absolutely buzzing for the next one.

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