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Jon Clements

London & Devon | United Kingdom

Hello, my name is Jon. I bring the mentality and approach of a street photographer to my wedding photography. Always searching for those fleeting moments that are the sole of your wedding day.

I studied graphic design and photography – working for years in the graphic design industry. I then came to wedding photography kind of by accident – taking pictures at friends' weddings and receiving very positive feedback! It made me realise that it's so much about how you interact with people and how engaged you are in the process and the day. I'll look for those entirely candid moments and you'll see me milling about, chatting and generally getting involved.

Street photography and wedding photography have a great deal in common. I'm mostly influenced by the great street photographers, both classic and contemporary: Bresson, Elliot Erwitt, Bruce Gilden, Trent Park, and Matt Stuart, to name a few.

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