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Frank Rinaldi


This is me...
This is my photograph..
I was born in Naples, 1983.
Photography is ingrained in my family's DNA: I grew up in a world of photographers.
Hand in hand with photography, I conclude my studies by graduating and graduating. After graduation, I embarked on the path of Design and Architecture.
Studying the history of Architecture, I read the thought of the architect Oscar Niemeyer: "The starting point is the tension towards beauty, towards art, so that surprise, amazement, the unexpected are also part of the work architectural.” And, from that moment on, I started looking at the world, architecture and photography with different eyes.
Searching for a detail, grasping a particular, narrating a story, surprising, entertaining, experiencing the taste of discovering become my guidelines.

I favor spontaneity and naturalness in my job: no banal poses, no expected shoots. No photographic service must be identical or similar to a previous one.

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