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Dilip Kumar Krishnamoorthy


About Dilip Kumar

Beauty in subtleness, unexaggerated life, and its happenings. Telling stories of how family and friends came together to celebrate the love between two people. How that day was. when love was abundant and smiles all around.
Life is made out of memories, memories that are real and innocent, memories that make us swell and feel breathless. The memories that we hold close to our hearts. Real moments. Documenting life and its celebrations.

My journey with photography started in 2011. Through wedding photography. I have fallen in love with the opportunity of being a part of a family celebration and the energy surrounding it. Every wedding is a unique experience and full of life. As a photographer I always wanted my photographs to stand the test of time showcasing the life and love that is being shared between the couple, the friends and the families.
With experience of more than 10 years in documenting weddings. Let me tell you, your wedding story in truthful, honest, photographs and films.

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