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Brontë Fae

Monmouthshire & Gloucestershire | United Kingdom

Hello, I’m Brontë (they/them).
I live in a quaint village nestled in the gorgeous Wye Valley on the English/Welsh border with my beautiful partner Aimee.
I have been photographing weddings professionally since 2013; It is so important to me to capture photographs with not only authenticity but also artistry.I like to approach wedding photography with the idea of making art out of the ordinary. My work is all about relationships, expression and character; my aim has always been to remain relaxed and unobtrusive at a wedding to document real, raw and authentic moments. Clients and observers have lovingly given me nicknames to describe my shooting style; these include “The Faerie” and “The Cat”.
Art is pretty much my life, and I'm a faerie by name and nature! when i'm not photographing weddings I can be found scrapbooking, creating art and dancing. I can also be found frolicking in the woodlands or at a festival (usually with a camera in my hand).

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