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Brandon Lai

United States

Life is full of surprises! I had never thought that I would be into photography one day in my life, and then I found my love for it through my wife. After I graduated in Business school, I bought my first camera thinking that I would just use it to take photos for my wife when we travel together. Then I started taking more portrait and couple pictures like crazy. Just like that, my passion for photography grew as I finally found one thing that I would love to do for the rest of my life. It feels amazing to capture beautiful moments and create memories with the couples.

When I am not shooting, you will probably find me and my wife drinking way too much bubble tea or going for a walk in Target, then always end up buying things we didn’t intend to. Since we are both busy with work these days, we try to make plan to travel every few months. Just to enjoy our life more, explore the world, and appreciate what we have.

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