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Avismita Bhattacharyya


Avismita was born and brought up in Malda, West Bengal where she completed her schooling, post that she received her undergrad degree in Geography from Calcutta in the year 2010. In the following years, she took up the full-time job of a teacher in one of the leading schools in the town. She then left school and decided to join the banking sector in the year 2015, but within a year she enrolled herself in the diploma of photography (with a specialization in studio light) which became a life-changing decision for her.

Since she had a huge inclination towards photography, she decided to rewrite her journey and started working as a lifestyle photographer in one the leading Bengali magazines where she got her first tryst with people and fashion photography. Along with this, she was doing her freelancing in wedding photography for almost a year where she got exposure to various leads and ideas which later helped to incept her own company.

And this gave birth to her brainchild CHARCOAL & VERMILLION in the year 2019 partnering with her best friend now her beloved husband, Debarshi Das. Since then, both have been full-time wedding photographers traveling across India to capture those timeless moments in varied cross-culture weddings.

Being in the wedding photography industry for more than 6 years, she is trying to innovate her style of photography and incorporate concepts of the street and photojournalistic approach with the nuance of emotions and drama. Today when she travels back in time, she always thinks about her decision of leaving behind the lavish teaching/ banking job. God has a different and unique plan for those who dream beyond their routine lifestyle.

As a photographer and visual storyteller, she continues to find frames of different flavors amalgamated with feelings, sentiments, and emotional moments. Whenever she gets time from her busy schedule, she travels to refresh her soul enjoying the beautiful landscape of this country. She believes in a thought process that the whole world around us is a frame, and we must keep our eyes and viewfinders wide open to capture the best of emotions and drama.

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