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Jonah Holden-Maillard

Devon & Somerset | United Kingdom

Hello there,

I want to think I'm like a British-French, Ewan McGregor. I dig the Kenobi vibe. But seriously, I ride bikes and I take pictures.

I don't consider myself a wedding photographer. I guess I want to think of myself as also an artist who occasionally makes a certain kind of wedding photography. I'm not for everyone, but if you don't take yourself too seriously, I might be for you.

I'm currently 29, based in East Devon, and I've been invested in capturing memories for 12 years now. I've shot two weddings and from each of them (plus a whole lot of workshops and training), I've learned a great deal about what wedding photography is and my place in it. If you hire me, you're hiring someone to document the day in as unobtrusive a way as possible. No posing (except when you want to), no do-overs and no getting in the way.

The approach and gear have changed a lot over the years, but now I shoot with two cameras, both zooms, that collectively cover 24-200mm. This means I can cover maximum ground and provide a huge variety of images which you, and your guests, will absolutely love. Here are two of my favourite.

Image one is my goddaughter and her cheeky smile, as we walk out of the ceremony. I love photographing children, children and pets. This was captured at the first wedding I shot, over 10 years ago, between my auntie and her still happily married wife. They have special needs and the gear I had wasn't perfect, but I was still able to document their day in a manner they appreciate and cherish to this day.

Image two is my best moment captured so far, at the most recent wedding I shot. I now have the ideal gear and can be in the right place, at the right time. And sometimes, a moment occurs and everything lines up perfectly. Those are what I live for.

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