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Lukacsi Alpar


Friendly, funny, energetic and attentive. These are the 4 characteristics which describe me the most, and everybody can see these on the events. I bought my first camera in 2011, after my high school graduation and photography quickly became one of my hobbies. I started to photograph small events but while shooting for a wedding service company I experienced the beautiful atmosphere of weddings.
So in 2015 I finally decided: I will be an event photographer !
And from that day this is my job. I go to every event full of energy and positivity. I am grateful that my hobby is also my job, even more than that, a lifestyle. Following the example of my grandfather I learned to love, to appreciate this job, and to do with positive attitude and energy. In every minute of every event I am searching the unique moments, emotions, laughs, tears, hugs because every event is different but beautiful because of their uniqueness, because of their protagonists. I do my best to know the events main characters, their friends and families, to be a part of them and so to avoid the phrases like: “Look out, the photographer is here!” and to transform them in phrases like: “Wow, look, I didn’t even notice and he took some nice pictures of us!”.
I live in Transylvania, Romania more exactly in the city of Targu-Mures but I am open to photograph everywhere, because my other hobby is travelling. And I am grateful that photography gave me the opportunity to visit many places, cities and even countries !

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