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Alex Adams

Cambridgeshire & Hertfordshire | United Kingdom

Hi there!

I like photos. Photos tell the story of a moment and being able to tell that story is a privilege to me.
Reportage photography allows the photographer to capture the intimate, endearing, sometimes funny moments of a wedding - those fleeting seconds where the bride and groom forget the camera is there, or perhaps weren't even present and these are the photos that I look for at a wedding!

To be honest I'm not great at talking about myself - I cringe a little bit inside at the thought of writing "About Me's". I'd much rather let my couples say it for me, so:

'Getting some photographs to remember the day was really important to me, but unfortunately, I'm also someone who hates having their photo taken! Alex rose admirably to the challenge. His quiet encouragement on the day itself helped give me the confidence to relax and just have fun with it. From the start, he really listened to what was important to us and then managed to translate it into memories that will last us for a life time. The photo's Alex took are incredible and I absolutely love them.'
-Susan Dickinson

'We couldn't have asked for a better photographer for our wedding. Alex's style suited us perfectly; he was unobtrusive, allowing us to enjoy our day (exactly how he describes on his website). We met up with Alex a couple of times before the wedding and he was very accommodating and such a nice person to deal with. Most importantly we're so happy with our photos, they've captured the day and atmosphere superbly. Thank you Alex! Sarah & Richard'
-Richard Blake

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