Collection One Deadline: Midnight January 24th 2018 (GMT)

This is Transparency – Our Judging Process

It’s vital that both types of our awards (Reportage Awards for single images, and Reportage Story Awards for series of images from a single wedding) are as fair as possible; with no extraneous factors determining each winner, other than each image’s strength. It’s also just as important that you know exactly how the judging process works, so here’s all the details:

  • Every single image and story entered into the contests will be assesed by the judges.
  • Images are judged totally anonymously, so the judges don’t know who has taken each image.
  • When the majority of our judges deem an image or story to be award-worthy, only then do they become Awards.
  • There will always be at least 3 judges for each competition, though we aim for 5 judges, as in our first upcoming contest.
  • A judge can not see if another judge has voted for an image or not, so can’t be swayed that way.
  • Each competition will have different judges, ensuring it is not always the same opinions/tastes giving awards. For our upcoming first collection, they are Adam Johnson, Dominique Shaw (York Place Studios), Liam Shaw (York Place Studios), Aga Tomaszek, and Kristian Leven.
  • The owner of the site will never be a judge.

Top image by Adam Johnson of ARJ Photography

Aga Tomaszek

Adam Johnson - ARJ Photography

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