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This is Kim Rooijackers – Collection Eleven Judge

Honoured to reveal the first of our five judges for Collection Eleven: The fab Kim Rooijackers! Based in the Netherlands and shooting all over the world, we’re really excited to have Kim casting her expert eyes over our Reportage Awards and Story Awards for Collection Eleven!

Have you entered yet, by the way? Deadline for submissions is just a few days away: Submit by 23:59 BST on 23rd September 2019. Members receive 10 Reportage Award entries and 3 Story Award entries per Collection; see all the benefits of membership and apply to join us over here.

Kim Rooijackers

No stranger to This is Reportage, Kim has already won 7 Reportage Awards, currently placed as no.3 in Netherlands for both recent awards and Lifetime awards – no mean feat! As well as winning so many of our awards (which are incredibly difficult to receive, with our judges usually awarding just the top 3% of submissions), Kim has won a plethora of awards from the likes of Fearless, Masters of Wedding Photography, and WPJA.

Kim Rooijackers

There’s a real tenderness to Kim’s work; she seems to be able to hone in on those emotional moments like not many people can. The result is a portfolio of incredibly dramatic and poignant images; the three Reportage Awards we’re using in this blog post just a small example of her fantastic eye for these kinds of images.

Kim Rooijackers

Many thanks again to Kim for being one of our five judges for Collection Eleven!

Deadline for submissions is less than a week away now; apply for membership to be able to submit 10 Reportage Award entries (for great individual documentary captures) and 3 Story Award entries (for a series of 15 – 20 images from a single wedding) per Collection. Deadline for Collection Eleven: 23:59 BST on 23rd September 2019.

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