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This Is How: ‘The Reading’ by Rob Dodsworth

We’ve had a bit of a break from our ‘This is How’ series, but are so happy to be back with a brand new piece, by the fab Rob Dodsworth. Great advice about living the moment, composition and observation…thanks, Rob!

The readings at a wedding are a really special part of the day. Like the vows, they are, usually, deeply personal and more often than not, they are delivered by close family or, at least, a very close friend. For this reason, while it isn’t always possible, if I can, I will move to a position where I can take in the bride, groom and whomever they have chosen to deliver their reading.

In this scene, Anna, the Groom’s sister, is delivering the reading and it isn’t hard to see how much love she has for Alex, her brother and how happy she is that he is marrying Polly. It is written all over her face and in her eyes especially.
I watched this moment develop and knew that there would be a point when it all came together.

I didn’t take many frames. I wanted to watch without the camera up but I had my finger on the button and I was ready to go.
At the point where it started to build and Polly and Alex began to nuzzle, I raised my camera, Anna looked up from her page at them and the scene came together.

A combination of patience, watching and waiting, as the scene unfolded, as well as, getting into position at a point where I would cause the least disturbance to proceedings, was key to getting the final image.

This picture is black and white because, as beautiful as the ceremony room looked, the plants, curtains, indoor lights and light coming in from outside distracted from what I wanted to show.

I absolutely love how lost in each other Polly and Alex were in this moment. Anna’s expression and the way she draws attention to them in the frame is the icing on the cake.

Thanks again to Rob for this great piece! We have over 115 more ‘This is How’ pieces on the site; an absolute treasure-trove of wedding photography tips!

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