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Ah, there are lots of different ways to capture the confetti moments – none are better than others, they’re all just ‘different’, and that’s a major aspect of wedding photography that we love: The variety, the difference, the unique ways in which we all capture things – the subjectivity of it all. Here are some ways our TiR members have captured it; wedding photography confetti tips by some of the best photographers in the world:

This Is How: ‘Raining Confetti’ by Lyndsey Goddard

In the forty-second of our regular series of ‘This Is How…’, the fab Lyndsey Goddard shares her thoughts on how she got this recent Reportage Award. It was incredibly difficult to get an award, with just the top 2% of submissions becoming Reportage Awards in Collection One (Collection Two has a few days left until the deadline, so don’t forget to submit your favourite documentary captures and Stories soon).

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Aga Tomaszek

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best reportage wedding photographers

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