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Podcast Episode 77: This is Anna Pumer

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A delight to chat to the fab Anna Pumer for episode 77 of the Podcast! As well as being an award-winning wedding photographer herself, she’s also the founder of Kick Ass Photographers, where she offers a course, mentoring, website reviews and now also membership – which is all about getting “enquiries from your dream clients” and running a “wedding photography business that feels like it’s totally you”. We talk about that on the episode today, along with many other things, including:

how she became a photographer after only about a month from buying her first DSLR, how she gets such fun images and attracts relaxed clients, working with her partner Todd (and how that came about), why she uses the line “You’re not into smushy romance’ on her website, offering videography as well, mini-weddings, our Netflix synopsis game and much more…

If you’re a member of This is Reportage, you can check out an exclusive video that Anna did for us with her partner Todd, all about ‘Website Tips To Attract Your Ideal Clients‘ (you must be logged in to your TiR account for that link to work). It’s almost an hour of absolutely fantastic and practical advice; a really great watch.

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Below are the couple of images that Anna talks about on the episode:

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