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Podcast Episode 65: This is Olivier Bolte

The fab Olivier Bolte is my guest on the Podcast for episode 65, and it was a real pleasure chatting with him. Olivier was our French Storyteller of the Year for 2020 on TiR, and he was also the overall French Photographer of the Year – and Storyteller! – on This is Reportage: Family; a truly incredible achievement. Olivier talks about lots of different topics on the episode today, including:

why there’s so much joy and happiness in his work (and why he’s attracted to that), his morning routine, our Netflix synopsis game, why he takes so long doing his slideshows, picking fruit in Australia, what makes him happy, things he would have done differently, top tips for better documentary coverage, and so much more…

Just a little note that this interview was actually recorded on 29th January 2021, so that’s why there may be some date and time discrepancies with what we discuss.

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