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TwaneLaeti love shooting weddings


About TwaneLaeti

We love shooting weddings!

Above all, we love to photograph the "moments" of a wedding.

The looks, the hugs, the smiles, the tears, the kisses ... Some like to bake, others collect objects; we are on the lookout for these little pieces of space that are just waiting to be captured.

We are two, husband and wife, for the best and the worst, with this unique connection that can be shared by sharing a passion with your partner. For us, covering the report of a wedding is: living and capturing the present moment, a real teamwork (between us but also with you), being vigilant as much as what is happening around us than what the other is shooting knowing when to insure and when you can take risks. It is also turning around and seeing his four-legged wife under the altar or her husband hanging in a tree. It is the beginning of a new adventure and we are proud to immortalize the strong moments shared with strangers who become friends, traditions, discoveries, surprises, jokes, touching attentions, children's games,….

We believe that each marriage is UNIQUE because you are unique, your family is unique, so what you will live that day is unique. It’s fabulous for us to come to a wedding and say to ourselves: "Today, we are going to fix the memories of all these people." Sharing a day surrounded by this positive energy is really motivating, our reservoir of happiness is maximum on the day of a wedding and we give it back to you with real images filled with love, sincerity and spontaneity.

In short, we love shooting weddings! :)

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