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Susan Eikenaar


Capturing life's highlights in a pure and storytelling way is what I love to do. My photography is filled with love, humor, emotions, and powerful moments. When I first photographed a wedding and discovered that I could create something very different from images filled with clich├ęs and sentimentality, I knew: this is what I want to do. Now, after many weddings, storytelling through imagery is what I love most.

Photography, for me, is the ultimate way to showcase what I find important in life. I believe in the beauty of imperfection and that reality is always more beautiful than what we imagine. As a photographer, I remain in the background, not interfering, but documenting real moments. So that, through the photos, you can always go back to how you felt or what happened at that moment.

I'm Susan, married to Erik, and a mother of Juna, Elias, and Resa. Together with them, I live in The Netherlands. I love working in my cut flower garden, the golden evening sun, and baking something with lots of chocolate.

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