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Ola Nadolna


I can honestly say that I have always been a photographer. It was my childhood dream and despite life was pushing me into different directions I always come back to this path and I can safely say that this path is beautiful and makes me very happy.
My name is Ola and I just love photographing people around me. Unusual, simple and emotional moments. Tell your stories, be close and observe, capture your true emotions.
Another dream I had some time ago was to live close to the water, close to the sound of the ocean, beautiful nature, and to meet people from all over the world. And so it happened a year after I get married on a Portuguese beach, together with my husband and our two beautiful children we have decided to move to Lagos. Its almost two years will since we have moved here. We are very happy. And I am fullfilling myself professionally as a photographer. I set the bar for myself very high, starting everything all over again in new place but it was worth it. I met so many fantastic people, beautiful stories. I had the opportunity to see your authentic emotions. I like to photograph as I feel and to show your feelings in a natural way. Thank you that smile on your face, thank your for inviting me so close to you, thank you for your trust.

I mainly take photos in the Algarve, but I will be happy to travel all over Portugal, or get on a plane to the end of the world.

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