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Marius Stoica


I like to say that I'm a lucky guy. That's because I love what I do!
Emotion is what defines and complements my photographic style perfectly. I try to capture feelings, authentic, natural, warm feelings. I'm looking for the emotion of that day, I'm trying to capture images that convey a state.
I trigger with emotion when I feel and see the emotion in front of my camera.
Creativity, dedication, involvement, dedication and passion… These are needed to create a story inside an image printed on plain paper.
I work according to a simple principle… I interact with the man in front of my device, I create a connection between me and him. I try to get to know him and see his feelings, to feel them… It's a connection without which I wouldn't know what to photograph and I would be somewhat unfamiliar with what is happening around me.
That's about it for me, I let the photos speak for themselves…

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