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Petr Dvorsky

London | United Kingdom


I am a professional Wedding and Family photographer based on the outskirt of London in Upminster covering London, UK and outside UK destinations.

I love telling stories and creating memories for you to remember and turn them into timeless heirlooms. I want to make you smile and remember exactly How You Felt, How You Loved and not just How You Looked. ​Do you want to remember this time of your lives? Do you want to share your memories with people you love? If your answer is Yes or Hell Yes to either of these questions, I'm here for You!

Whether it is a wedding or just an ordinary day spent with the family, it is important that you feel comfy enough to let me into your life and allow me to capture those intimate and precious moments you will held and be reminded of time and time again. I have always felt passionate about taking pictures, I love looking through the lens which gives me freedom and different perspective. For me, photography is a way of feeling things, a way of freezing moments and emotions and capturing them on camera forever and then remembering those precious moments long after we have forgotten them.

''It is an illusion that photos are made with camera ..... they are made with the eyes, heart and head''. - Henri Cartier Bresson

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