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Pete Phelan

Kent & London | United Kingdom

Hi! I'm Pete Phelan a documentary wedding photographer from Kent.

My passion for photography really got started when I was in my early teens and my Dad gave me his old DSLR camera. I loved that camera and I have fond memories of running around the house, garden or wherever I was and taking pictures of literally everything.

Another huge passion of mine is travelling and as I got older I'd take my camera with me on my adventures. I liked landscape photography but the thing I found I loved the most was capturing peoples emotions and telling stories of the cultures and the places I'd been.

It was on a 6 day trip to Brazil visiting a friend where I shot my first 'wedding.' My friend told me of a friend of theirs who was getting married that week and I managed to gatecrash. I took my camera along to experience a Brazilian wedding and on arrival was told they didn't have a photographer and would I mind taking some pictures. Of course I said yes!

Brazilian weddings are very different but I loved every second of it and fortunately the couple loved the pictures too.
I've included 2 images from that day - The first is a tradition in Brazil where the groom wears a tie and goes around to all of the guests and they each pay money to cut a bit of the tie and the money goes to the couple. The second was in the same courtyard where the wedding was taking place there was a pool and after the ceremony the groom and the best man decided to cool off, I've never experienced anything quite like that at a wedding since but it was incredible!

I never imagined back then where it would lead me. Today I'm super proud to be creating wonderful memories for some amazing couples all over the UK and abroad.

The thing I love most is being able to document my couples days through my images and take photos where a neutral viewer can begin to imagine and feel what was happening at that moment.
For me those are the images that couples look back on in 10, 20, 30 years time and truly cherish.

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