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Nishit Parmar

Essex & London | United Kingdom

I was recently asked "why should we book you?" And it got me thinking... about how I work at a wedding. I take LOTS of photos, I laugh (lots), make jokes (sometimes about you), run (a LOT), eat (gotta eat??), drink (love a beer!).... none of these make up your 'usual' professional wedding photographer. But what my clients love about me is that I take part. I work so hard to capture your wedding day in the most creative way that I can think of. Looking for the hidden stories while capturing the 'normal' elements that take place on your wedding day.

I will talk to your friends and family. I will invite you all to my house for a party (and I LOVE a party). I go above and beyond what my clients expect from me as at the end of the day, its not my day... its YOURS and it needs to be amazing.

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