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Naahushi Kavuri


What do I believe in the most as a photographer? I know that's a broad question with no context. That's where the thought process to what you're going to read started.

I believe that the true moments worth capturing are those that we don't consider as significant. Someone lying back watching a movie, someone in their study, someone sitting like a couch potato. I believe that in between the lines of what we consider as the insignificant are the moments that really tell the story of who we are in our most real sense. Just the postures and laughters and weird expressions when you know that the person taking the pictures is just some close friend who loves taking weird pictures. When you "don't give a shit" how you are looking, or what you're wearing. Those are the real moments for me.

As a photographer, what I love capturing are people as they are in their most "normal" sense - within the insignificant are the moments extraordinary.

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