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Mike Plunkett

Manchester & Cheshire | United Kingdom

I've been shooting weddings since 2010, after a friend of a friend got let down by their wedding photographer and I stepped in. I hated it, like a rabbit in headlights, I didn't know my aperture from my iso and I'd not been to many weddings, where should I even point my camera! I got asked to cover another wedding that year and thought I'd give it a second go. Then another. Cut forward a couple of years, I was too busy to hold down the day job and I'm absolutely loving weddings!

I still love the soft focus, wide open 'bokeh' look that drove me to get into photography in the first place. But my taste has evolved to appreciate the moment more than the aesthetic. It's when the two come together though that really make my heart skip a beat with excitement at a shot I captured. You can't beat the thrill of good composition combined with a captivating moment. It's never perfect though, for if it was the game would be over, the race not worth running towards the goal of that better shot.

I've worked all over the UK and been lucky enough to shoot weddings in Indonesia, Sweden, Iceland, Canada, Spain, Portugal & Italy. I'm always excited to hear from new couples and learn about them, and what story might unfold in front of the camera on their wedding day.

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