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Matt Pate

Cheshire & Merseyside | United Kingdom

Hey, I’m Matt,
I'm the type of photographer who loves nothing more than capturing wedding moments from an unobtrusive angle. I like to think of myself as your comfortable companion on the day, there to document every laugh, every tear, every happy moment as it happens. I won't be bossing you around, telling you where to stand and pose - instead, I'll be blending into the background, snapping candid shots that tell the true story of your wedding day.

I'm friendly and relaxed, and my couples often comment on how easy I am to work with. I'm known for my smile, and I'm pretty sure that my happy presence works to relax even the most camera-shy individuals.

If you're looking for a creative photographer who is snap-happy and loves nothing more than capturing your day in a documentary style, then I'm the photographer for you.

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