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Mattia Camozzi


I'm Mattia, obviously a Wedding photographer, Documentary if we wanna sound more specific and classy!

I love memories. I love looking at photos, remembering what I was doing, where I was and the people I was with. Having the opportunity to create these kind of memories and emotions for other people it's amazing for me.

Love the crazy people, love the party and love photographing what unfolds before my eyes during the day. Irony and laughter are something I always look to while photographing. Think of me as a guest taking picture (obviously taking good ones with a lot of modesty!) so you can look back at those photos and think "Wow, didn't remember grandpa was such a good dancer!".

It's your special day, you need to remember it and the people you've surrounded yourself with.

Have a look through my works and I hope you enjoy, cheers!

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