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Lucy Schultz

United States

Great photos come from great moments. Let's make sure there are a lot of those.

I don't take myself too seriously - but I do LOVE my job. When I’m shooting I’m a normal human being total goof, creating a fun atmosphere where it’s easy for you to feel comfortable being YOURSELF. The word “professional” in front of “photographer” is a little hard for me to stomach, since I lie in the dirt A LOT and have been known to swear like a sailor. But what I lack in dignity I make up for in sound effects. I’ve been shooting people in love full-time since 2013 though, so I guess I must accept the title. I am also an “adult”.

You will look epic.
We will have fun.
I will get dirty.

And your photos will transport you back to every moment,
allowing you to relive the day
– and the way –
you married your person.

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