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Kristien Mertens


I’m one of those people who turned their passion into their life’s work. Since then I’ve been there at the greatest moments people share with each other. From weddings, to those little daily joys: with my camera I’m always right there. I’m constantly looking for that click: literally and figuratively!

Where does this love of images come from? My mom used to document every important event. That created wonderful memories and a lot of gratitude. I kind of saw it as my mission to make others feel the same way. So I followed in the footsteps of the lady who started it all.

My secret for taking a great photo? It’s about more than the light or composition. Ideal conditions don’t exist, so I really believe in the moment. And that’s exactly how I make a difference: I’m completely absorbed in your experience. Totally involved. I work together with you, and give you tips to get the best result.

So what do you think, should we start with a coffee and a chat to discuss your special moment?

Get in touch with me here!

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