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Justine Boulin


I'm based in Vancouver and live with my husband and 2 hockey obsessed boys (because Canada eh!). I'm drawn to human relationships and being able to document events that tell us a little bit about ourselves. Weddings are such an ideal time and place to really capture what it means to be human and to have relationships with one another - to be in love . The realness of it and also the rawness of it. To me, it doesn't matter how beautiful your location is or how elaborate your decor - because at the end of the day, the important stuff - the authenticity of who you are and your relationship with each other is what matters the most.
Choosing to photograph in a documentary style, can really be credited to my children. ha! When my oldest was a baby and I was still learning how to take an actual photo, I realized around the time when he was 6 months old that I was photographing all these set up moments and that really wasn't what our life was like during that time. As chaotic and messy as it was with a newborn baby at home and 2 very sleep deprived parents, it was also beautiful in it's own way. It might sound crazy, but it was that beautiful and chaotic mess that I wanted to remember. The realness of life and the love. I know apply that directly when shooting weddings. Nothing is perfect and why would you want to remember these set up moments? Why not document what's real and that in itself is the beauty you want to remember from the day.

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