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haris santhu


I'm a dark chocolate, cognac and black coffee connoisseur, a lover of Pink Floyd, and someone who thrives in the front row of any class. I graduated from the London School of Communications with a degree in Fine Art Photography, a path that has fulfilled my deepest aspirations. If I could turn back time, this is exactly what I would have asked for.

However, my journey took an expected turn, and I became another tale of a corporate walkout from Accenture with an MBA in Finance. Nevertheless, I hold profound respect for the path I chose, as it led me to discover my true longing.

The sheer joy and happiness I find in capturing timeless heirlooms of memories and emotions is immeasurable. I believe in creating images that resonate with people, encapsulating the reverberating moments of pure happiness. There is something contagious about these emotions. I genuinely relish being surrounded by the positive energy and happy vibes that permeate these special occasions.

I have embraced the journey and found fulfilment in capturing and preserving the precious moments that create lifelong memories.

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