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Giuliano Lo Re


As a child, I admired the pictures my father took in Kenya and spent hours watching National Geographic documentaries. There were therefore two roads: to become a photographer or an explorer. When I received my first camera as a teenager, I realized that maybe I would become Indiana Jones in another life.

In this one, however, I am lucky enough to tell the world, people and their stories through my images. And I love to travel for it. I was Art Director in some important advertising agencies and I lived 5 years in Switzerland and in 2019 I understood that follow your own dreams is always the best option. So at the age of 27, I left a permanent job, returned to Italy and became a documentary photographer (following some "Doctors Without Borders" projects in the field as well as carrying out some personal projects) and a wedding photographer.

Document weddings is telling authentic and genuine stories, capturing the atmosphere and the places, photographing the details and those particulars that make them unique.

Little me who dreamed of watching documentaries probably couldn't be happier. Because in the end, with my camera, I became a bit of an explorer all the same.

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