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Francesco Caggese


I'm Francesco.

I'm Italian and I was born in 1981.

I am a photojournalist and I believe that telling through photography is a powerful tool that can get a message, arouse emotions and speak to consciences.
With photography I like to tell beautiful stories that have the feeling that God is Love.
Photographing for me is a mission; Photographer for love, for vocation.
After a long discernment I felt a strong desire in me, a call, to use photography as a tool to bring Light and Love.
I have chosen to render a service to make God's love known, reflected in those people who give themselves out of love, who live a life for the joy of others, who weave good works, who are witnesses of light and hope, glimmers of Paradise.
That love may be infected, goodness may be radiated, hope may be cultivated, the fragrance of joy may spread and, by announcing its wonders, glory may be given to God

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