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Dominic Whiten

Suffolk & Norfolk | United Kingdom

Hi, I'm Dominic, based in Aldeburgh, on the Suffolk coast, I shoot natural and relaxed wedding photography across East Anglia.
It’s something of a cliche, but I really was that kid with an instamatic, clicking away at anything and everything. From that point, the dye was cast and as a teenager it was certain my future career lay in photography. As a teenager, I jumped in with both feet, moving to London and spending the next fifteen years in professional darkrooms and photo labs alongside assisting established fashion and editorial photographers. I also took on my won commissions and, for a while, it looked like I was going to become a horticultural photographer (my parents were garden designers so kind like joining the family business!).

My own practice was established in 2008 and almost immediately wedding bookings began coming in. A handful in the first year became a rush and before I knew it, I was regularly shooting up to 50 weddings a year. These days, I try and limit bookings to just 25 year, meaning each of my couples get’s the very best of me and allowing time away from weddings to develop my practice and explore new areas of interest.

I am a self-taught photographer, having learnt through experience and studying how other creatives make they work. However, in 2020 I took advantage of the enforced ’sabbatical’ year we experienced and embarked on a MA in Photography with Falmouth University in Cornwall. At the time of writing, I’m putting the final touches to my dissertation and final major project. Influenced by the work of William Egglestone, Stephen Gill and Peter Fraser, the project is based on my interest in psychogeography and explores my home town of Aldeburgh through a multi-modal approach. If you’re wondering what the heck any of that means, why not take a look at my personal insta feed to see more: @boomingbittern

Wedding photography is my thing because I obviously love photography, but more important, I’m genuinely interested in people. I want to get to know my couples and take time to hear their stories of meeting, falling in love and their decisions to commit to each other. Underpinning this, you’ll find I’m a big old softie, regularly shedding a tear or two at weddings and feeling truly privileged to earn a living from being a part of a couple’s big day. What does this mean to you? In short, I genuinely care about you and your day, quietly doing my best to capture the people you love most in a kind and flattering way.

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