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Damien VIckers

Cambridgeshire & London | United Kingdom

Hello and thanks for dropping by.

I have just realised that the shot of me in action here isn't to capture an "in the moment" shot! Oh well - I hope it will at least go to indicate the lengths that I will go to get the right angle, lighting and composition. All of these are important but of course none of them matter if you are not in the right place at the right time.

Telling a visual story through photography makes up a huge part of what I do as a photographer and to do this you must live the moment and have that knack for seeing things before they happen or a sixth sense, a feeling that you need to point your lens in a certain direction as something unmissable is coming.

Creating images yourself through portraiture can of course produce stunning results and they tell a story in their own right but there is nothing as honest, raw and genuine about a real "moment" and for me this is particularly significant if it either capture and emotional moment or provokes an emotional response.


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