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Claire O'Rorke


Well! (that's how people from Tipp like to greet people :-) ) I've been a wedding photographer for a while now. It will be 18 years this Summer since I photographed my first wedding thanks to my cousin John and his lovely wife Emma. And its a "job" I still get a real thrill out of.
My favourite photographs are the ones that actually make me smile when they show up on my editing screen, the ones where you can really SEE emotion. I'm interested in capturing faces that are in love, content, proud, embarrassed, or my favourite, laughing.
I'm delighted to have made my new home in the beautiful Burren in Co. Clare. I love home, its where I feel most comfortable and at ease. That's what I want for the people I photograph, a feeling of being at ease and at home with me.

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