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Over 17 Hours Of Educational Videos Already!

Did you know that we have *over 17 hours* of educational videos with some of the world’s best documentary wedding photographers?

This feature was added back in May, and is included in our membership fee – with new videos added regularly.

Join us now for instant access to these videos, where you’ll learn from the likes of:

  • Sanne De Block
  • Tyler Wirken
  • Dominique Shaw of York Place Studios
  • The Framers
  • Simon Leclercq
  • Steve Gerrard
  • Ash Davenport of MIKI Studios
  • Pedro Vilela
  • David Scholes
  • Andrew Billington
  • Paul Rogers
  • Kristian Leven
  • Anna and Todd of Kick Ass Photographers
  • Alan Law (TiR Founder)

Learn from the best as they explain exactly how they captured some of their Reportage Awards; hear about their approach, methodology and technique as they talk about every frame of their Story Awards.

Each video contains such a wealth of knowledge and tips, including gear/equipment, flash/lighting, composition, creativity, moment-capturing, empathy, editing/workflow, business advice, people-skills, and so much more.

Join us for instant access to our library of over 17 hours worth of videos, with new videos also added regularly – just one of the benefits of membership, which also includes 60 Reportage Award and 18 Story Award entries per year, an *unlimited* number of images on your profile, and more…

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