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Podcast Episode 105: This is Phil Salisbury

An absolute pleasure to chat to the one and only Phil Salisbury for Podcast #105! Based in the UK, Phil recently won 4 Reportage Awards from us in our first Collection of 2022 – an incredible achievement – and he talks about a couple of those Awards on the episode today, as well as much more, including:

his journey to becoming a photographer and the transferable skills from his past jobs
shooting close and how he lights up the dancefloor (both with his flash and his dance moves…!)
his hatred of baked beans
our Netflix synopsis game
top tips for improving your documentary coverage
thoughts on judging our This is Reportage: Family awards
teenage celebrity crushes
and much more!

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Podcast Episode 104: This is Ana Backhaus

Such a pleasure to chat to the fab Ana Backhaus for Podcast #104! Originally from Portugal, and now living in Dubai, Ana was ranked 25th in the world on This is Reportage: Family for 2021, with 6 Reportage Family Awards and a Family Story Award won in the year. We talk about one of her original awards in the episode today, as well as many other things, including:

her documentary family workflow and approach from enquiry to delivery,
quite a few questions about her previous career as a flight attendant,
why the lack of control in documentary is so exhilarating,
our Netflix synopsis game,
why it’s so important to be resilient,
social media and self-sabotage,
and much more…

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Get even more excited for Doc Day by listening to some of the speakers and co-founder on our Podcast!

Doc Day 2022 is just two weeks away, and we can’t wait! We’re honoured to be partnered with this unique documentary conference, which is the brainchild of TiR members Kevin Kheffache and Annie Kheffache. It sold out ages ago, and we can’t wait to join photographers from all over the world in Dublin on Feb 22nd 2022.

Here at TiR, I’ve been lucky enough to interview some of the speakers and one of the co-founders for our Podcast, and I thought it would be nice to collate the interviews in a post, so, if you’re interested, you can get to know these fab people a little bit more before we all meet in Dublin:

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Podcast Episode 101: This is Tsvetelina Deliyska

A real pleasure to talk to the fab Tsvetelina Deliyska for episode 101 of the Podcast this week! Based in Bulgaria, Tsveti has won 4 Reportage Awards from us, and 2 Story Awards, and was ranked in our Top 100 Photographers Worldwide for 2020. She talks about lots of different things in the episode, including:

shooting a wedding where both the bride and groom were blind,
how she captured one of her specific Reportage Awards,
live chickens at weddings,
the experience of seeing her work exhibited,
our Netflix synopsis game,
shooting her first weddings on film when she was only 19,
and much more…

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This was 2021

Welcome to ‘This is 2021’, where some of our members – 179 of them, to be exact! – share some of their favourite documentary wedding captures from last year. We’re featuring one image per member who contributed, but note that doesn’t mean it’s their single favourite shot of 2021 – how hard would it be to pick just one? – but each image is definitely in that photographer’s Top 5 favourites of the year.

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