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Best Wedding Photographers in Romania

We know, it’s tough: You’re planning one of the most special days of your lives – your wedding – and you want it to be captured brilliantly. Who do you hire? Well, look no further, as here at This is Reportage we have the best documentary wedding photographers in Romania; photographers who specialise in capturing the memories of your day unobtrusively and totally naturally.

Romania has an absolute wealth of photography talent, and we’re very proud to be able to showcase the best of them. Our Romanian members have won lots of Awards from us (awards for brilliant individual moments – our Reportage Awards – and also for a series of images from a single wedding – our Story Awards – as we want to also celebrate the skill of being able to capture entire days creatively, artistically, and with a world-class degree of storytelling).

Although our members specialise in this natural approach, it’s also no problem if you would still like a photoshoot with just the two of you, or if you want some family/group photos – of course, it’s your day! But rest assured that your chosen photographer will spend the vast majority of his or her time searching for – and capturing – those special moments; the emotional hugs, the embraces, the laughs, the dance-moves, the looks…all those unique events that make your day truly yours.

Some of the unique moments our members have captured include the bride and groom held aloft on chairs in a heaving dancefloor; the couple in a totally unique wedding vehicle – a hot air balloon!; an incredibly clever observational capture of the groom and his groomsmen walking naturally by a zebra-crossing sign; the bride applying her makeup with about ten reflections of herself, and so many more…

No matter where your wedding is taking place – from Bucharest to Sibiu, Arad to Timisoara – these are the top wedding photographers in Romania, and they can’t wait to capture it all for you:

Aga Tomaszek

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york place studios

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