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Best Wedding Photographers in Germany

Here at This is Reportage we have some of the best documentary wedding photographers in Germany. Is the thought of posing and looking at the camera all day a horrible thought to you? Us too! That’s why our members specialise in reportage wedding photography; capturing those truly natural moments – most of the time, you won’t even realise they were there.

Germany has so many talented photographers, and whether your wedding is in Cologne, Munich, Berlin, or anywhere else in Deutschland, you’ll find someone brilliant to capture your day here. It also doesn’t matter which venue you have chosen (and Germany has lots of fab wedding venues, including Burghausen Castle, Franz Marc Museum, Wallbergkircherl, Sanspareil Rock Gardens, to name just a few), as documentary wedding photography is all about capturing the moments – the real, once-in-a-lifetime events that are totally unique to you and your family/friends.

Of course, our photographers will still capture the landscape, the details and scenery of your chosen venue – and they’ll still get some couple shots/portraits and group shots, too (if you want those) – but, for the vast majority of the time, they’ll be creatively and artistically capturing the action of your day as it happens; not asking you to look at the camera, or to repeat things.

Lots of different words are used in our industry to describe this kind of coverage, including reportage, candid and documentary; in essence, all really mean very similar, as it’s all about being unobtrusive, not directing the action or posing people, but rather capturing everything naturally.

Our German members have proven to be experts in moment-capturing, with some of their Award-winning images being of kids with their teddies, trying to get the bride and groom’s attention as they’re exchanging their vows, incredible feats of athleticism during some upside-down flings in the First Dance, a gentle touch of hands to show support and unity in the church, and many more.

Below are the top wedding photographers in Germany:

Aga Tomaszek

best reportage wedding photographers in the world

york place studios

best documentary wedding photographers

best reportage wedding photographers

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