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Ask The Photographers

This is the area of our site where we ask our members questions; the collaborative pieces which then ensue are so interesting, as they’re full of different viewpoints, different bits of tips and advice, different opinions…so interesting!

With pieces created with brides/grooms in mind, as well as fellow photographers, we really recommend checking them out:

Why Are You A Photographer?

We all have so many different reasons for being a photographer – so many different paths and journeys. We thought it would be interesting to ask our members their ‘Why’ – and here are 48 of their responses:

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39 Photos That Have Had A Lasting Impact On These Photographers’ Lives

“Can you think of a certain photo that you took, that’s had some kind of lasting impact…perhaps that impact has been on your career, or your confidence, your direction, or just an image that’s just particularly memorable to you for some reason?”

That’s the question we asked our members recently (it’s something that we sometimes ask on our Podcast) – and what follows is an incredibly interesting and insightful read: 39 different photos from photographers all over the world, all of which have had some kind of lasting impact on them. They may be wedding images, or personal photos – even a couple of portraits are in here, which is a first from us! – but what they all have in common is their power to affect these photographers in some way.

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Top Tips For Surviving Wedding Season

It’s the time of the year when wedding photographers all over the world are neck-deep in editing, shooting, editing, shooting, and even more editing…yes, wedding season is well and truly upon us! We know – first hand – that as well as being a very exciting time of the year, it can also – sometimes – be quite stressful, dealing with deadlines, an ever-mounting editing backlog, communications with clients, and all at the same time as frequent travelling for the actual shooting of the weddings themselves, and thus being away from family and friends so much – it can be hard.

With that in mind, we asked some of our This is Reportage photographers what their top tips were for surviving wedding season. Below you’ll find lots of golden nuggets of advice, from things such as how to make your workflow more efficient, keeping fit and healthy, client communication skills, making time for loved ones (and your own peace of mind), keeping a car-kettle handy, pre-writing blog posts, staying hydrated, surviving the added-pressure of school holidays, tips on admin-software, working in short sprints, business automation, cutting out distractions, personal projects, running, outsourcing, the importance of sleeping and eating well, taking days off, time-blocking, planning, not being so hard on ourselves, not seeing it as something to survive at all, and lots more…

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Ask The Photographers: Do You Need To Visit My Wedding Venue Beforehand?

We know that when it comes to booking your wedding photographer you’ll often have lots of questions, and one of the most frequent ones that we hear is “Do you need to visit my wedding venue beforehand?”. Well, we asked that exact question to our members, and what follows is 35 different photographers’ viewpoints and opinions on whether it’s necessary or not, from all over the world – a really interesting and informative read:

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Ask The Photographers: What Do You Do During The Quiet-Season?

We’re approaching the time of year when, for many wedding photographers, the season starts to wind down – as is what a very famous phrase now, “Winter is coming”. So, we thought we’d ask some of our members just what they do during this off/low/quiet season.
What follows is a round-up from more than 30 of our photographers, with some brilliant and wide-ranging advice and opinions, on subjects such as taking on personal photography projects, re-focusing on your family and relationships (something that is just so vital), updating portfolios, catching up on sleep, working on SEO (shudder), getting away from the screen, re-charging our batteries, planning a marketing strategy, travel, social media reviews, attending workshops, keeping fit, meeting up with fellow photographers, cleaning the house, and much, much more – a really, really interesting piece!

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