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Best Wedding Photographers in Portugal

From Lisbon to Porto, wherever and whatever kind of wedding yours will be, our This is Reportage members are the very best documentary wedding photographers in Portugal. Nobody wants to be posing all day when they’re getting married; there are so many more important – and fun! – things to be doing.

That’s why our top wedding photographers in Portugal specialise in capturing your day naturally and pose-free. Of course, if you want some ‘couple time’ or group shots, that’s no problem – but the vast majority of your day will be captured in a documentary, reportage manner.

Our Portuguese members are some of our most prolific when it comes to winning awards, too – with tens of Reportage and Story Awards between them. Their award-winning captures include an incredibly layered image of the bride and bridesmaids arriving at church (very cleverly shot through the bridal car window), mountains of confetti being thrown at the couple from a first floor window, a funny capture of dancefloor action whilst another guest is focusing all their attention on their food – and one photographer even managed to get a shot of the groom waiting nervously just through a tiny crack between the venue doors…

Portugal itself is such a beautiful country, and you’re very lucky if you’ve chosen to get married there. With amazing venues such as The Lake Resort, Quinta do Lago, Lux Charters, Hotel Ritz Four Seasons, Quinta do Lumarinho and many others, you’ll want to make sure that your chosen photographer is going to capture everything for you, and do your location justice. And that’s exactly what our photographers will do – but not only with they capture the details of your day, but they’ll be focusing on the things that really matter the most: Moments. Because, after all, there are not many occasions in life where your nearest and dearest are all gathered together.

Aga Tomaszek

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