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Best Wedding Photographers in Mexico

We’re going to guess that you’re looking for the very best documentary wedding photographers in Mexico. Are we right? Well, if we’re wrong, we think you may have clicked on to the wrong page, as that’s exactly what you’ll find here: The top wedding photographers in all of Mexico, just waiting to capture the memories of your day for you.

Mexico is, simply, a stunning country – you should have a photographer that will not only do the location justice but do you and your family/friends justice too. They should be able to capture all those unique moments of your day in a creative and artistic manner – and that’s exactly what our This is Reportage Mexico members offer.

Why choose a documentary wedding photographer? We think, simply, that you should just be enjoying getting married without having to think about the photography; without being made to repeat things, or having to grin at the camera all day – wedding days themselves go by so quickly, you should just be able to enjoy it all, knowing that it’s all being captured beautifully for you by your chosen photographer.

Our Mexican photographers have proven time and time again that they can capture the most amazing moments, including: Grooms being thrown high up in the air, as the (slightly nervous-looking) bride looks on, a behind-the-scenes capture of venue staff changing a lightbulb by using what looks to be the world’s tallest (and most precarious-looking) ladder, passionate first kisses, bouquets being retrieved from becoming stuck in the chandeliers, groups of bridesmaids articstically captured as they look at their phones (modern times!) and so many more.

So, view them all below, see examples of their work, and contact the one that you love the most – by default they are ranked by recent awards won; you can also choose to sort by Lifetime Awards.

Aga Tomaszek

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